“Alternative media, Jerry. That’s where you hear the truth.”

– Cosmo Kramer, Seinfeld

Whatever platform you choose to tell your story, we want to partner with you along your journey. Our passion is to provide clients the legal tools they need to innovate and engage in free expression. We advocate on behalf of all types of speakers –- print, radio, television and Internet publishers. We also work with the creative bunch behind the scenes, providing producers, content distributors and tech gurus with the legal infrastructure they need to succeed. Count on us to protect your ideas, gain access to facts, distribute your content, leverage talent and sponsorship opportunities, contract with vendors, engage with end-users, and get paid for your hard work.

And when it comes to litigating cases on behalf of publishers and technology companies, our philosophy is simple: traditional legal strategies are not always better. We work hard to inject a fresh approach to defeating claims that threaten to stifle innovation and speech. So go ahead, search for the truth. Create. Communicate. Entertain. We won’t rest until your stories see the light of day.

Our services include:

We’re happy to be a part of the development of ideas from conception to launch. Our legal services cover a wide-spectrum of issues in production, post production, digital distribution, and content workflow across multiple platforms. We negotiate and draft production, development and licensing agreements, distribution agreements, non-disclosure agreements, vendor and service agreements, and obtain and manage publicity rights, IP rights and clearances.
We partner with internet publishers and operators to help them stay in line with consumer protection and anti-piracy laws applicable to their business practices. We provide guidance on the ins and outs of statutes regulating internet speech, such as the Communications Decency Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and the like. We answer “can I use this?” type of questions. We draft, manage and enforce terms of service and social media policies, assess notice and take down requests, and shed light on intellectual property and privacy related issues.
Sometimes freedom of the press isn’t free at all. When the government shuns requests for access to its records, we challenge those decisions. If print, digital and audio visual content has the potential for controversy, we help our clients manage legal risks from the prepublication stage of the process and afterwards. We evaluate retraction requests. And we defend reporters when the confidentiality of their sources or work product become the target of subpoenas designed to compel disclosure.
We have a proven track record of success in the defense and prosecution of claims concerning libel, slander, invasion of privacy and speech rights under the First Amendment.